Easily bake, roast, warm, store, or transport your food with this durable oval foil roast pan. Made of durable aluminum foil, this pan supports heavy pastas and entrees without bending, sagging, or cracking. This material also offers quality heat-retention and evenly distributes heat throughout the pan. Thanks to this pan's round exterior, it's easy to scoop every last noodle of your signature rigatoni dish. It also creates a sleek, classic presentation. Once your event is complete, simply dispose of the pan! There's no more need to scrub towers of food-baked pans, saving your staff precious time and energy. From cooking meat to freezing an extra tray of baked ziti, this pan has your versatile needs covered!
Overall Dimensions: 
length: 17.5 inch
width: 13.7 inch 
depth: 3 inch 
microns: 105
weight: 68g

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